What should we pay attention to when checking the distribution cabinet?

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Routine maintenance: the electrical control cabinet is generally overhauled once or twice a month. The specific maintenance contents are as follows: first, cut off the power supply and clean some dust in the electrical control cabinet, otherwise the dust will cause heat dissipation of electrical equipment. In addition, the components, wires and threads in the electrical control cabinet must be checked to see if there is looseness and heating. If there are similar problems, they need to be repaired immediately


During the inspection, if there is contact melting, the coil temperature is too high, the action is not good, the protection device is stuck and other relevant parts are oxidized, the electrical control cabinet manufacturer is recommended to replace it in time. Quarterly maintenance: quarterly maintenance, usually once every three months. The main content is that in addition to those daily maintenance, the electrical control cabinet manufacturer also suggests to check whether the contact of contactors, relays, switches and other contacts is good, It is also necessary to test whether the control circuit works normally. Low voltage switchgear, switchgear, is high and low voltage switchgear. It is a kind of main power distribution equipment, which is mainly used for power generation, transmission, distribution and power conversion, and the combination of switchgear and its related control, detection, protection and regulation devices. It also refers to the internal and auxiliary components of these electrical equipment and related cables Combination of shell and support mechanism


1. Power incoming cabinet: main power incoming, (main incoming cabinet) is equipped with main circuit breaker;


2. Outgoing line cabinet: outgoing line switch cabinet of distribution system, with lower level electrical equipment, sometimes called feeder cabinet, etc;


3. Metering cabinet: it measures and records the power supply, which is simply a watt hour meter used to collect money. (PT, CT and watt hour meter are installed inside)


4. Bus coupler cabinet: when the system has two power incoming lines and the two lines are standby for each other, Shandong power distribution cabinet needs to connect the main bus lines of the two power supplies. The switch cabinet connecting the two sections of bus is called bus coupler cabinet. Note: it is generally forbidden to close the bus coupler cabinet and the two incoming cabinets at the same time


5. High voltage Pt cabinet: install voltage transformer to monitor and protect bus voltage;


Annual maintenance: annual maintenance is an important overhaul and maintenance. In addition to daily work, it is also necessary to check whether the power line connector nut is loose, whether the insulated wire is aging and the contact point. If there is poor contact, it is necessary to check when it can be folded

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