Improvement method of distribution box

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Drainage pump control cabinet: it can control one or more water pumps, generally one for use and one for standby, which are standby for each other. When the working pump fails, the standby pump will be put into operation automatically. It can also be controlled remotely by single level or multi level control. Start at high water level, stop the pump at low water level, start at ultra-high level, automatic rotation, etc. It is also equipped with working state (manual and automatic) selection switch, signal indication and feedback.


1. Disconnect the power supply, check whether the control cabinet frame is reliably grounded, and make the grounding resistance not greater than 4 Ω.


2. There are different voltages on the control cabinet (DC 110 V; AC single-phase 220 V; three-phase AC). The circuit must be distinguished during maintenance to prevent short-circuit accidents.


3. All electrical switches on the control cabinet shall operate flexibly and reliably without significant noise, the connecting wire junction and terminal shall be free of looseness, and the steel wire at the connecting wire junction of moving contact shall be free of fracture.


4. Use a soft brush or air blower to remove the dust accumulated on the panel plug-ins and all electromagnetic switch parts, and check the state and contact of the electrical switch contacts in the control cabinet, the insulation of the coil surface and the reliable action of mechanical parts.


5. When replacing the fuse, how to maintain the control cabinet should make the fusing current match the current of the circuit. Distribution cabinet manufacturer


Let's quickly learn about the improvement methods of distribution box:


If a column mounted distribution stand is added to the distribution box, when making the distribution box shell, we can choose a 2mm thick stainless steel plate, and appropriately enlarge the size of the distribution box in proportion, so that it is better for us to increase the electrical safety distance between each branch outlet and between the outlet and the box shell, which is conducive to the operation, maintenance and replacement of fusion parts by agricultural electricians, It can also dissipate heat. Selection of residual current operated protector. Products conforming to gb6829 standard and certified by China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee must be selected. Time delay protector with low sensitivity similar to LJM (J) series can be selected. The protection circuit is adopted to prevent the failure of the external circuit powered by the distribution box. Select the intelligent phase loss protector with small volume. For example, da88cm-ii motor phase loss protection module can be selected and installed in the distribution box to prevent the motor from burning out due to low-voltage phase loss operation.

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