Application safety of distribution box and switch box

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During the normal operation of the equipment, the manual or automatic switch can be used to turn on and off the circuit. In case of line failure or abnormal operation, the distribution cabinet and distribution box will cut off the circuit and take alarm measures with the help of protective appliances. In addition, it can intuitively display various parameters during operation through the loaded measuring instruments, and adjust the electrical parameters according to the actual application needs. If it deviates from the normal working state, it will send signals and prompts.


Reasonable distribution of electric energy is conducive to providing convenience for the opening and closing operation of the circuit. At the same time, it can also strengthen the relevant safety function, display the on state of the circuit, facilitate daily management, and facilitate maintenance in case of circuit failure.


The low-voltage distribution box has the characteristics of strong breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination and so on. The maintenance of low-voltage distribution box shall be conducted once every half a year.


The sequence of maintenance is to make preparations before maintenance, and then carry out maintenance in sections. When there are many distribution boxes, they are generally arranged in double columns, and the two columns are connected by the bus separate switch on the top of the cabinet. In order to reduce the scope of power failure, the box shall be maintained in sections. First stop the load on a section of bus and turn on the bus separation switch. After checking and confirming that there is no power, hang the grounding wire and signboard to start maintenance. Check each switch in the box and remove the arc extinguishing cover to see if the contact is damaged. Tighten the bolts of the incoming and outgoing lines, clean the dust in the cabinet, and test the opening and closing of the operating mechanism. Check whether the bus joint is deformed and whether there are traces of discharge, and tighten the connecting bolts to confirm that the connection is tight. If there is dirt at the bus joint, it shall be cleaned, and the nut shall be replaced if it is rusted.


Application safety of distribution box and switch box:


1. It shall be firmly installed to facilitate actual operation and maintenance.


2. For floor mounted distribution boxes and switch boxes, the setting address shall be flat and higher than the road surface, and no dirt shall be accumulated around them.


3. The three-phase five wire outlet and group outlet should be built at the bottom or side of the box. The transformer grounding wire of switching power supply should be threaded through conduit and set with moisture-proof elbow.


4. The transmission lines in the box shall have good insulating layer, neat sequence and firm fixation. The edges of transmission lines shall be connected by screws or sockets.


5. The distribution box with about 3 control circuits shall be equipped with main knife switch and separate knife switch. Each shunt knife switch shall not be connected to two or two left and right electrical equipment, and shall not be used by two or two left and right operation groups.


6. The distribution box integrating lighting lamps and driving force shall be equipped with knife switch or other kinds of power switch respectively.


7. The AC contactor, knife switch, power switch and other electrical equipment installed in the distribution box and switch box, as well as the distribution cabinet, shall be easy in posture, good and reliable in touch, and there is no serious gap in the circuit breaker

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