What are the causes of line interference of distribution box?

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Iron products with ordinary surface treatment are easy to cause rust erosion. Blindly pursuing low cost leads to Jerry built materials and thickness, which is easy to deform over time; The Hoffman cantilever control box is made of aluminum material, which has the advantages of light material, corrosion resistance, good color and stable structure;

(1) It has problems when it leaves the factory. Such as loose ends, loose cushion blocks, poor welding, poor core insulation, insufficient short-circuit strength, etc.

(2) Line interference. Line interference is an important factor causing transformer accidents. It mainly includes overvoltage generated during closing, voltage peak at low load stage, line fault, flashover and other abnormal phenomena. Such faults account for a large proportion of transformer faults. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct impulse protection test on the transformer regularly to detect the anti inrush current strength of the transformer.

(3) Overload. Overload refers to the transformer in the working state of exceeding the nameplate power for a long time. Overload often occurs when the power plant continues to slowly increase the load, the cooling device does not operate normally, the internal fault of the transformer, etc., resulting in the overload operation of the transformer. The resulting high temperature will lead to premature aging of insulation. When the insulation paperboard of Shandong distribution box is aged, the paper strength decreases. Therefore, the impact force of external fault may lead to insulation damage and failure.

(4) Damp. In case of flood, pipeline leakage, top cover leakage, water intrusion into the oil tank along the casing or accessories, and water in the insulating oil, etc.

(5) Not properly maintained.

The traditional design is not beautiful enough, but the modular design of the cantilever control box uses the splicing and assembly of aluminum profiles and aluminum die-casting corner parts to replace the traditional welding and grinding. The anodized aluminum profile on the surface is easier to wipe and always keep the cantilever bright as new; Compared with imported parts, our quality has reached a considerable level, and we have very significant advantages in price and delivery time; At the same time, our products are more comprehensive. Combined with the actual use needs of customers at home and abroad, we design more products for customers to choose and use

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