What is the installation method of household electric ready board?

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The installation of a household ready board needs to follow a series of standards and safety regulations and is best carried out by a professional electrician. The following are general installation steps:


Choose an installation location: Choose a location that is close to the power incoming line, has good ventilation, and is easy to maintain. Usually installed indoors, such as kitchens or corridors.


Install the ready board: Mount the ready board on the wall, making sure it is secure, plumb and meets the height requirements of local electrical codes. Use appropriate fixing screws to secure the box to the wall.


Connect the incoming wire: The main power incoming wire supplied by the power company needs to be connected to the ready board. This usually requires a professional electrician to make sure the connections are correct and safe.


Install the circuit breaker: Install the circuit breaker in the ready board, and set circuit breakers for different circuits as needed. This helps provide overload and short circuit protection to different circuits.


Grounding: Make sure the ready board is connected to the ground wire to provide good ground protection.


Connect the home circuit: Connect the home circuit to the appropriate location inside the ready board, making sure the cables are wired correctly to avoid short circuits and fire risks.


Conduct preliminary tests: After completing the installation, conduct preliminary tests to ensure that the electrical system is functioning properly.


Most importantly, to ensure safety and compliance, installation of a home ready board is best done by a professional electrician, following local electrical codes.

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