How does the small power distribution unit achieve leakage protection during use?

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Leakage protection is achieved by installing a leakage protector during use of the small power distribution unit. An earth leakage protector is a device used to monitor the flow of current. When current passes through the line, the leakage protector will simultaneously monitor the inlet and outlet currents of the line. If the two are unbalanced, it means there is current leakage, which may be caused by electric shock or line failure. When a leakage is detected, the leakage protector will quickly cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock from passing through the human body.

There are two main types of leakage protectors: differential leakage protectors and residual current-operated leakage protectors. The differential leakage protector triggers protection action by comparing the difference between the inlet and outlet currents, while the residual current-operated leakage protector implements leakage protection by monitoring the residual current in the line. The installation and use of these protectors follow certain standards and specifications to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.

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