What are the factors that affect the performance of SPDUs?

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The performance of the SPDU is affected by many factors, including:


Environmental conditions: The performance of the SPDU will be affected by factors such as ambient temperature, humidity and climate. Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect the proper operation of electronic components.


Electromagnetic interference: External electromagnetic fields and interference can negatively affect the electronic components and measurement accuracy inside the SPDU.


Materials and manufacturing quality: The material quality and manufacturing process of the SPDU directly affect its durability and performance. High-quality materials and precision manufacturing increase the reliability of your SPDU.


Design structure: The design structure of the SPDU affects its heat dissipation performance, protection level and installation convenience. Scientific and reasonable design can improve the overall performance of the SPDU.


Power Quality: The power stability of the SPDU is critical to its proper operation. Unstable power supplies can lead to measurement errors and equipment damage.


Maintenance and use: Regular maintenance and correct usage are crucial to maintaining SPDU performance. Reasonable use and timely maintenance can extend the service life and stability of the SPDU.

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