What causes the circuit breakers in the small power distribution unit to malfunction??

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The causes of electrical failures in small power distribution units can be summarized into multiple aspects. The following are some of the main reasons and specific manifestations:

1、 Overload issue

Definition: Overload refers to the load connected to a small power distribution unit exceeding its designed load capacity.

Performance: When the load is too heavy, it can cause overheating, short circuits, and damage to wires and appliances.

Reason: Usually due to prolonged circuit energization time, excessive current, or equipment overload operation.

2、 Leakage fault

Definition: Leakage refers to the loss of current to ground, usually caused by electrical leakage or insulation damage.

Performance: Leakage not only causes equipment failure, but may also pose a risk of electric shock.

Reason: Poor grounding, aging or damage of insulation materials, etc.

3、 Short circuit fault

Definition: Short circuit refers to the phenomenon in which the current in a circuit flows directly from the positive pole of the power supply back to the negative pole of the power supply through a wire, without passing through the electrical equipment.

Performance: When a short circuit occurs, the current in the circuit will suddenly increase, causing equipment overload and even damage.

Reason: Damage to the insulation layer of the wire, damage to internal components of the electrical equipment, etc.

4、 Loose wiring

Performance: Loose wire connectors causing the equipment to malfunction.

Reason: After long-term use, the wire joints may become loose due to vibration or aging.

5、 Insulation fault

Definition: Insulation failure refers to the aging or damage of insulation materials, resulting in insulation damage and poor circuit contact.

Performance: Electrical equipment malfunctions, even causing short circuits or leakage.

Reason: Environmental factors (such as humidity, high temperature), prolonged use, etc.

6、 Protector malfunction

Definition: When the system is overloaded and short circuited, the protector fails to act in a timely manner, resulting in the equipment being unable to isolate in a timely manner.

Performance: The equipment continues to be damaged, even causing more serious malfunctions.

Reason: The protector itself is faulty, improperly set, or aged.

7、 Overvoltage fault

Definition: Overvoltage refers to the phenomenon where the system voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the equipment.

Performance: Overloading or burning of equipment, long-term existence can lead to comprehensive damage.

Reason: External factors such as voltage fluctuations and lightning strikes in the power system.

8、 Environmental temperature impact

Performance: The electrical components inside the small power distribution unit may not function properly in high or low temperature environments.

Reason: The temperature of the surrounding air exceeds the normal working range of the electrical components.


Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect, clean, and maintain the small power distribution unit to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Strengthen insulation: Regularly check the condition of insulation materials and replace aging or damaged insulation materials in a timely manner.

Secure wiring: Regularly inspect and tighten wire connectors to prevent loosening.

Reasonable setting of protectors: Ensure that the protectors are set correctly and can respond promptly to faults such as overload and short circuits.

Control environmental temperature: Improve the surrounding environment of the small power distribution unit to ensure that the temperature is within the specified range.

Choose high-quality products: Choose reliable and reputable electrical components and equipment.

Through the above measures, the occurrence rate of electrical faults in small power distribution units can be effectively reduced, and the stability and safety of the power system can be improved.

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