How to choose the installation location for lighting electrical ready board boxes in different environments?

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The installation position selection of lighting electrical ready board boxes in different environments should follow the following principles:

Indoor environment:

It should be set up in a ventilated, dry, temperature appropriate, and safe distance sufficient place, such as next to the main entrance or in the corridor.

The recommended installation height is 1.2 to 2.5 meters for ease of use and maintenance.

Lightning protection, fire prevention, and moisture prevention measures need to be considered to ensure safe operation.


Placed at the entrance or near the staircase for easy connection of lighting fixtures to power and maintenance.

Consider inside the external wall insulation layer or on the ceiling to reduce noise and occupy space.

Partition basements need to be installed in each partition for easy management.

Outdoor environment:

The installation position should be at least 2 meters above the ground, avoiding direct sunlight and soaking.

Lightning rods and moisture-proof equipment need to be installed to ensure lightning protection and moisture-proof.

In summary, the installation location of lighting electrical ready board boxes should comprehensively consider factors such as ventilation, dryness, safety, and ease of maintenance, and choose appropriate installation heights and protective measures based on the specific environment.

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