Analysis of common faults in lighting electric ready boards and their solutions

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The common causes and solutions of faults in lighting electric ready boards are as follows:

Environmental temperature impact: High or low ambient air temperature may affect the normal operation of low-voltage electrical appliances in the electric ready board. The solution is to improve the surrounding environment of the electric ready board and ensure that the temperature is within the specified range.

Equipment quality issue: Due to the tight supply time, some electric ready board products may not meet the quality standards, such as the contactor closing coil being easily burned out. We should choose products from reliable and reputable manufacturers.

Voltage and current issues: Voltage too high or too low, current sampling signal not connected, etc. may also cause faults. Adjust the voltage to the normal range, connect the current sampling signal wire, and regularly inspect the equipment.

Installation and wiring issues: Improper installation, loose wiring, etc. may also cause malfunctions. It should be ensured that the installation of the electric ready board meets the standards, and the wire joints should be regularly inspected and tightened.

In summary, solving common faults in lighting electric ready boards requires starting from various aspects such as improving the environment, improving equipment quality, adjusting voltage and current, and standardizing installation and wiring.

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