What are the settings for temporary electrical equipment in the distribution box?

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When setting up temporary electrical equipment in the distribution box, the following aspects need to be considered. First, make sure the distribution box can provide a sufficient number of electrical outlets to meet the needs of temporary equipment. Secondly, in order to ensure safety, each power socket should be equipped with an independent overload protection switch and leakage protector. In addition, you can also consider installing a short-circuit protector in the distribution box to prevent short-circuit accidents. In addition, for the convenience of use and management, the number or purpose of each socket can be marked on the distribution box. Finally, the wiring of temporary electrical equipment should comply with electrical safety standards, use qualified wires and plugs, and ensure good grounding. To sum up, properly setting the number of sockets, overload protection, leakage protection and short circuit protection and other equipment can ensure the safe operation of temporary electrical equipment in the distribution box.

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