Method of assembly and wiring of small power distribution unit

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The method of assembly and wiring of small power distribution unit is as follows:

Preparations: First, confirm the required cables and wiring materials, including wires, insulating sleeves, terminals, etc. Make sure all materials meet safety standards.

Power off safely: Before assembling and wiring any small power distribution unit, be sure to disconnect the power supply first, and use insulating gloves and tools to ensure your own safety.

Arrange the wires: Arrange the wires to be connected according to the circuit diagram and specification requirements, ensure that the length of the wires is appropriate, and leave enough margin for connection.

Stripping and connecting: Use a wire stripper to strip the insulation from the wire, exposing a section of the copper core. Then, use the terminal to connect the wire to the corresponding electrical device or outlet.

Insulation protection: After the connection is completed, use insulation sleeve or insulation tape to insulate the connection point to avoid the risk of short circuit and electric shock.

Fixing and arrangement: Arrange and fix the connected wires in the small power distribution unit to ensure that the wires are properly spaced and will not interfere with each other, and avoid the wires being suspended or excessively bent.

Identification and Testing: Label or identify the function of each connection point to facilitate future maintenance and troubleshooting. After completing the assembly, carry out the necessary circuit test to ensure the normal operation of the small power distribution unit.

Please note that the assembly and wiring of the small power distribution unit should be carried out by professional electricians, and comply with local electrical installation codes and safety standards to ensure safe and reliable work.

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