How to arrange the position of the circuit breaker in the split meter ready board?

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In the split meter ready board, the position arrangement of the circuit breaker should consider the following factors. First, the main circuit breaker should be located on the top or side of the split meter ready board so that it can be easily accessed when the entire power needs to be cut off. Second, organize the circuit breakers after the main circuit breaker into sections of the circuit, such as grouping circuit breakers for lighting circuits and grouping circuit breakers for receptacle circuits. This makes it easier for maintenance personnel to operate and troubleshoot specific circuits. Also, circuit breakers should be clearly marked so that individual circuits can be identified at a glance. Finally, in order to ensure safety, the circuit breaker should be easy to operate, free from interference from other equipment, and maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation. To sum up, the location arrangement of circuit breakers should consider the convenience of operation, circuit partition, clear marking and safety factors.

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