What are the main low-voltage distribution cabinets commonly used in life?

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The low-voltage distribution cabinets commonly used in life are mainly divided into four categories: fixed panel distribution cabinet, protective distribution cabinet, drawer distribution cabinet and power lighting distribution cabinet. The details of these four types of distribution cabinets are as follows:


Fixed panel distribution cabinet is also called distribution panel. Its front is cabinet panel, which can be used for shielding and opening and closing, and its back and side are open, which can contact live devices. The protection grade of fixed panel distribution cabinet is low, and it can only be used in some occasions with low security requirements and continuous power supply, such as centralized power supply in substation rooms in industrial and mining enterprises.


Drawer type power distribution cabinet is one of the power distribution equipment with high safety. When manufacturing drawer type power distribution cabinet, many power distribution cabinet manufacturers choose steel plate to make the cabinet body. There are drawers in the cabinet body, and all electrical components are installed in the drawer to form an independent functional unit. The reliability of drawer type distribution cabinet, interchangeability and safety of Shandong distribution cabinet are higher than the above two kinds of distribution cabinets, which can be applied to centralized control distribution bases with high requirements for power supply reliability.


The power lighting distribution cabinet adopts closed device, and the safety level varies according to the requirements of application occasions. Power lighting distribution cabinets are mostly used as primary power distribution equipment, such as power distribution control at the production site of industrial and mining enterprises.

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