Do you know the design principles of electrical control cabinet?

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The basic concept of electrical control cabinet design is a kind of logical thinking. As long as the logical control law ensures electrical safety and meets the requirements of production process, it can be said to be a good design However, in order to meet the requirements of electrical control equipment manufacturing and use, reasonable electrical control process design must be carried out These designs include structural design, general layout of electrical control cabinet, general wiring diagram design, electronic assembly drawing and wiring diagram design, as well as component catalogue, number, technical data and other main material lists of some outlet and inlet lines Before the assembly of the control cabinet, we must understand its structure, each part of the control cabinet, its working principle and problems needing attention in the assembly. According to the functions and designed structure of each part, the control cabinet can achieve ideal working conditions Secondly, it is in accordance with the drawings and assembly technical requirements, because many model control cabinets will have differences in the assembly of different types of control cabinets, so we should pay attention to the technical requirements, only in accordance with the strict technical requirements to make the assembly of high-value equipment However, if the technical requirements for assembling the control cabinet are not followed, the control cabinet designed by Z will inevitably affect its normal use and its safety can not be guaranteed


Pay attention to details during assembly Maybe you don't think that a small detail will affect the whole control cabinet, but it will bring the impact of intangible engineering. Therefore, when assembling the control cabinet, you must pay attention to the details to ensure the price of the control cabinet. The assembly notice of the control cabinet should be checked. If there is a problem with the control cabinet If the direct investment project is not inspected after assembly, once it occurs, the problem will be a potential safety hazard Therefore, after the control cabinet is assembled, check carefully to avoid accidents


The overall structure design of the electrical control cabinet and the overall structure design of the electrical control cabinet are to divide the control system into several parts (these components are called components) according to the working principle and control requirements of the electrical schematic diagram, delimit the components of each part according to the complexity of the electrical control cabinet, and then make the connection relationship of the number of each part according to the schematic diagram of the incoming and outgoing lines of the electrical appliance, And adjust the connection between them

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