What is the overall structure of the electrical control cabinet?

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The task of the overall structure design of the electrical control cabinet and the overall structure design of the electrical control cabinet is to divide the control system into several parts (these components are called components) according to the working principle and control requirements of the electrical schematic diagram, delimit the components of each part according to the complexity of the electrical control cabinet, and then connect the quantity of each part according to the schematic diagram of the electrical incoming and outgoing lines, And adjust the connection between them The general configuration design is represented in the form of general assembly drawing of electrical system and general wiring diagram, which shall reflect the position of each component and signal, the connection relationship between each main component and component, wiring method, and use line slot, pipeline, etc


Division of components: due to different installation positions of various electrical components, components must be divided into a complete electrical control system The principle of dividing components is to integrate components with similar functions; Reduce the number of connections between components and keep the control equipment close to wiring in the same assembly as far as possible; Separate strong and weak current controllers to reduce interference; In order to be neat and beautiful, you can combine the size and the weight of the appliance In order to facilitate the detection and commissioning of the electrical control system, the vulnerable components must be adjusted, maintained and repaired regularly Usually, after the appearance inspection of the electrical control cabinet, the analysis of common faults has just begun. According to the analysis, the inspection scope of the next stage can be reduced. Because usually after the common faults occur, the staff can't believe the details of common faults at the beginning, and the search is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


The key of the logical statistical analysis method is to search out the causes of common faults according to the composition circuit schematic diagram of the automatic control system, the posture program flow in the manipulation stage and their logical sequence, and then according to the tracking data signals associated with common faults, and then fuse the conditions of common faults, carry out effective comparison, analysis and resolution, and find out the causes of common faults, And accurately find common fault points. The logical statistical analysis method used in the fault detection of the electrical control cabinet can reduce the stage of accurate measurement and inspection, and the distribution cabinet can quickly clarify the category of common faults. It is an objective way, so the staff must master the principles of all system software and module power circuits, At this stage, logical analysis method is a common way in fault detection.

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