The wiring of the Ready Board shall be in good contact

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The electrical components and lines of the manufacturer of the Ready Board should be in good contact and reliably connected. There should be no serious heating and burning during use. The appearance of the Ready Board has brought great help to our life, but at the same time, there are some problems that perplex us, namely installation problems. The following are common problems and solutions for the installation of the Ready Board: common problems in installation:


There is no isolation block for protection, no protective plate or flame-retardant insulating materials are used, the installation of electrical appliances in the cabinet does not meet the design requirements and specifications, the iron sheet of the box is too thin, the hardness, soles, shell and appearance


It is severely deformed and does not make the grounding busbar zero or the specification of the zero grounding busbar is too small to meet the requirements of the standard, and it is not selected according to the requirements of the drawings




1. There is a grounding terminal board in the Ready Board, which should be connected with our box. The working zero line terminal board should be insulated from the box. The terminal board should be made of rectangular bus with a cross-section greater than 2 times of the larger conductor in the box. The material of the terminal board is copper


2. Before the Ready Board is used by the manufacturer, the appearance of the Ready Board shall be strictly inspected to see whether there is a factory certificate, whether the nameplate is correct, whether the accessories are complete, whether the insulating parts have defects and cracks, whether the coating is complete, and whether the model and specification of the electrical appliances in the box meet the design requirements.

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