The manufacturer reminds the general knowledge of power consumption of Ready Board

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1. The customer should install the leakage switch. Do not connect the temporary wire and use the lamp cap with socket.


2. Children should be taught to play in safe areas, not to play with electrical equipment, not to climb poles, not to shake wiring, not to climb transformer tables, not to shoot birds, fly kites and other acts endangering power equipment near power lines.


3. When the power line is found to be broken, do not approach it, leave it 8 meters away from the landing point, guard the site and find an electrician to deal with it immediately.


4. When wiping lamp caps, switches and electrical appliances, disconnect the power switch; When changing the bulb, stand on a dry wooden stool and other insulation, and do not operate with electricity or bare feet.


5. In case of abnormalities in electrical appliances, such as the light is not on, the TV is shadowless or silent, and the refrigerator and washing machine are not started, the power switch shall be cut off first and then repaired; In case of smoke, fire or explosion of electric tools, do not cut off the power supply with bare hands, but find an electrician as soon as possible.


6. When the shell, handle switch and mechanism protection of electric tools are damaged or out of order, which will hinder safety, they shall be repaired in time and shall not be used without repair.


7. Don't hang clothes on the power line.


8. The power load shall not exceed the allowable current carrying capacity of the conductor. If the conductor is overheated, the power must be stopped immediately and reported to the electrician for inspection and treatment.


9. In case of electric shock, do not pull the exposed part of the person with bare hands. Disconnect the power supply as soon as possible and rescue according to the emergency rescue law.


10. In case of electrical fire, disconnect the power supply before extinguishing the fire. When the power supply cannot be cut off, use a special fire extinguisher.


The above is what the Ready Board manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to. I hope you can remember that if you don't understand anything, you can contact our manufacturer, and we will answer it for you one by one!

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