How to protect the Ready Board from electric leakage during use?

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How does the leakage protection of the Ready Board work? As we all know, leakage protection measures should be taken during the use of the Ready Board in order to avoid the risk of electric shock caused by accidental leakage. It can respond quickly to leakage accidents and ensure the use safety. Let's learn about the leakage protection during the use of the Ready Board.

In the family, the main switch is usually equipped with leakage protection, and the circuit is also equipped with leakage protector. The starting point of this practice is for the sake of safety. Careful people will find that the rated operating current of these circuit breakers is 30mA. When the leakage reaches the operating current, regardless of the air switch safety, there will be tripping and power failure to protect the safety of electrical appliances and people.

The leakage protection measures of the Ready Board usually use the leakage protector, which is commonly known as the leakage switch. It is a kind of grounding protection device. When the leakage current of the circuit or electrical equipment is greater than the setting value of the device, or when people and animals are in danger of electric shock, it can act quickly to cut off the accident power supply, avoid the expansion of the accident and ensure the safety of people and equipment.

Leakage protection is a safety technical measure to prevent electrical accidents by using leakage protection device. The leakage protection device detects the abnormal current or abnormal voltage signal. After signal processing, the actuator is prompted to act, and the power supply is quickly cut off with the help of switchgear to implement leakage protection.

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