The principle of smart meter remote reading system

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    Nowadays, many smart meters are operated remotely. Read the data in the meter in the PC or mobile phone. Then how is the remote meter reading realized? Now let's answer the questions for you and see the principle of the smart meter remote meter reading system.

    First of all, let's take a look at the functional advantages: the comprehensive energy consumption management system of the system can be used at any time and anywhere through the network terminals, such as PC, laptop, iPad tablet and smartphone through the browser terminal, and the client can achieve zero maintenance to ensure the real-time communication and security of data.

    Principle of intelligent meter remote reading system: the meter transmits the data to the collector through RS485 interface, and then automatically copies the data information to each meter through the concentrator according to the reading task of the management center, saves the hour, day and month data information, and uniformly submits it to the management center for centralized processing. To achieve these functions, concentrators and collectors are required.

    Main function overview: management function, online query, anti stealing function, mobile payment, report function, online warranty, statistical analysis, remote control, notice and announcement, etc. the meter data will be automatically collected and stored in the local area by the design time interval and collection equipment, meanwhile, the main station will collect regularly according to the demand. When the collection fails, each link will automatically perform supplementary collection to ensure the safety. Data integrity.

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