Fault classification and solution of smart meter

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    The emergence of smart meters has successfully solved the disadvantages of manual reading of traditional mechanical meters, such as heavy workload and untimely reading. However, the more smart the meters, the higher the technical requirements. Therefore, when the smart meters fail, we can start from the following aspects.

    Classification of the reasons for the failure of smart meters

    Failure during installation

    When the smart meter is still in the installation stage, the relay of the meter is disconnected, so the user cannot use the electricity, and the power supply department cannot switch on the site to restore the power supply, so it needs to replace the new meter. There are two main reasons: one is that the measurement and verification department does not switch on or does not give the switch on command after the test activity, and the other is that the smart meter output during the installation process. Wrong signal.

    Meter operation failure

    The meter is suddenly disconnected in operation, which is mainly caused by the overload of the main body of the electricity for a long time. It is common in all small enterprises and home factories. The overload operation for a long time has a serious impact on the service life of the relay. If the temperature is too high, it is extremely easy to cause fire, and the heat generated by the overload current when it flows through the contact point increases continuously. It will worsen the working environment of the built-in relay and eventually lead to the disconnection or burnout of the built-in relay.

    Check whether the following items are in good condition.

    1. Check whether the appearance of the electric energy meter is damaged or burnt, and whether the seal is intact;

    2. Check whether the display screen of the electric energy meter is complete and whether there is black screen and other faults;

    3. Press the key to check whether the clock, time period, voltage, current, phase sequence, power, power factor and other information of the electric energy meter are normal.

    Remote control failure

    Remote control is one of the features of smart meters, but sometimes the remote control in practical application is not very stable for smart control, especially when the meter is in high load, if the relay contact in the smart meter is deformed, it will affect the influence of reading signal, and when the reading is interrupted, it is also necessary to check whether the smart meter network is disconnected. Will interrupt the meter reading, concentrator is not damaged, etc.

    The method of dealing with the fault of smart electric meter

    Develop field service equipment

    The most important thing of the smart meter is its safety and stability. Once the smart meter has a built-in relay trip, the disposal site has no ability to close, so it can only be solved by changing the meter. This leads to the reduction of the efficiency and quality of the actual processing activities of the smart meter. Therefore, with the support of the field service equipment, the operator can carry out the field processing for the existing relay closing problem and the unexpected closing phenomenon of the relay, without having to go through the complicated meter changing process, which greatly improves the fault solving ability and field service ability of the smart meter.

    Reliability design of software and hardware

    Under the high load operation, the requirements for the relay are very high. The smart meter should be equipped with a protection mechanism for the action of the built-in relay, and the operation principle and mechanism of the relay should be strictly monitored, so as to effectively reduce the frequency of the false alarm signal of the relay, and ensure that the built-in relay will not misoperate or produce unreliable action due to the change of environmental factors. 。 The tripping and closing action of relay under high load directly affects the life and operation safety of smart meter.

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