What's the matter with the alarm light of smart electric meter on

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    After using the smart meter, many users encounter the situation that the alarm light of the smart meter is always on, so what's the matter with the alarm light on? Is my meter broken?


    When some smart meters are in arrears, the smart alarm light will always be on. We just need to make up for the arrears.

    Insufficient electricity bill

    When some smart meters charge less than 50 yuan or 20 yuan (this depends on the policy of the local power company), the alarm light of smart meters will light up to remind us that the meters need to be recharged! As long as we charge enough electricity, the alarm light will not light up.

    The above is controllable by our users, but some alarm lights are not controllable by us. For example, if there is a problem with the meter itself, we can't solve it by ourselves. Generally, if we have enough money in the card or the client and the alarm lights are still on, we may need the help of the power supply company.

    Battery failure alarm

    The clock battery is out of power. Call the power company to replace the battery in time. Generally, the battery problem does not affect the measurement, but the data fed back by the meter may be confused. Because time is wrong.

    In addition to these, the meter's voltage reverse phase sequence, current reverse phase sequence, voltage loss, current loss, phase loss, voltage, current imbalance, overload, overvoltage, power reverse will cause the meter alarm light to light up. These problems can not be solved by our users, so we must call the power supply company at this time to report for repair, do not open the case without permission, now the power supply regulations, illegal call The electricity meter is regarded as stealing electricity.

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    ◆ the pulse lamp is used to record the power consumption. The larger the power consumption is, the faster the flickering frequency is, which is in direct proportion to the power load. The electricity meter in the figure is 1200imp / kWh, indicating that the pulse lamp flickers 1200 times, which is one degree of electricity.

    ◆ when the trip light is on, it means that the electricity at home has been cut off and is in a state of power failure. The possible cause is that the electricity charge at home has been overdrawn. It is necessary to pay the electricity charge. Pay the fee quickly. If there is no call after a long time, please contact the staff of the power company immediately.

    ◆ the infrared light is the induction interface for the staff of the power company to collect the data of electricity use data. When the induction concentrator is used, the infrared light will be on, but usually it will not be on.

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