The manufacturer of the ready board tells you the main causes of personal electric shock

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In our daily production and life, there are too many reasons that can cause personal electric shock accidents. The manufacturer summarizes here that it is mainly because the electrical equipment production of the ready board and the use of tools in the workplace and staff do not meet the requirements. There are four reasons for personal electric shock:


1. When the relevant staff cut off the power to overhaul the ready board, switch cabinet and other electrical equipment, they did not properly cooperate with each department and perform their respective duties, just like the instructions for the power cut and transmission of equipment. The mutual requirements of each department were not clear, and there was no clear explanation of the tasks, resulting in the relevant departments mistaking the power cut and transmission time or power cut scope, Thus, the maintenance or experimental work of the ready board equipment is started before the power is cut off, or the staff mistakenly go to the live equipment to work, etc. Importantly, the technical level of the staff of some ready board manufacturers is too low, without special Ye skills or any professional experience, which is likely to cause electric shock accidents.


2. The staff did not follow the relevant regulations when carrying out maintenance and repair without power failure of the ready board equipment. For example, when testing the equipment in continuous operation at the maintenance site, reliable and complete technical measures are not taken in accordance with the specified requirements, the tested insulation tools are not used in the testing room, the relevant staff have not received strict training, are not professional Ye enough, and the relevant special Ye measures are not strictly implemented, which are easy to cause personal electric shock accidents.


3. When switching the internal electrical equipment of the ready board, it did not follow the relevant operation rules. The accident caused by this situation is very serious. If the disconnector in loaded operation is opened by mistake or the temporary grounding wire is not removed after equipment maintenance, it will not only cause the operator to get an electric shock, but also cause arc burns.


4. When the electrical equipment of the ready board was powered off for maintenance, reliable technical measures were not taken. For example, the low-voltage circuit of relevant transformer or instrument transformer is not completely disconnected; Or the three-phase short-circuit grounding of the construction equipment is not carried out after the power failure, and the operator mistakenly sends the high-voltage power to the construction equipment suddenly for wrong operation or other reasons. This will inevitably lead to electric shock accidents for relevant personnel.


The operation of electrical equipment such as ready board and switch cabinet is important to reduce or even avoid personal electric shock accidents. To sum up, we need to start from the source, strengthen the centralized training of on-the-job personnel, make the operation more in line with an full operation rules, and make the operation more specialized ye and standardized, so as to achieve the purpose of avoiding electric shock accidents.

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