Manufacturer's wiring requirements and specifications for circuit breaker in ready board

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Wiring requirements and specifications of circuit breaker in ready board


1、 Operating conditions and site preparation


1. The cabinet is installed.


2. Circuit breakers, wiring cables, ties, etc. It has been prepared and meets the design drawings and installation requirements of the distributor manufacturer for the ready board.


2、 Install the guide rail of the ready board


The guide rail shall be installed horizontally and match with the opening operation hole of the cover plate


3、 Unpacking and installation.


1. When installing the circuit breaker, first pay attention to the position of the mounting hole on the cover plate to ensure that the air switch is in the reserved position of the cover plate.


2. The switch shall be arranged from left to right during installation, and the reserved position of the switch shall be full position.


3. The reserved space is generally placed on the right side of the ready board. Sufficient space is reserved between the front main circuit breaker and the independent circuit breaker of the front circuit breaker.


4、 Neutral line wiring of circuit breaker


1. The color of the neutral line shall be blue.


2. Lighting circuits and sockets generally adopt 0.75mm2 conductors, and the number of series circuit breakers connected to each conductor shall not exceed 3. The air conditioning circuit generally adopts 0.75mm2 or four 0.75mm2 cables, one of which is equipped with a circuit breaker.


3. Neutral wires of different phases shall not be shared. If one yellow line of phase A is connected to two 16A lighting switches, the phase a neutral line switch can only be equipped with these two circuit breakers. After setting, it is directly connected to the neutral line terminal.


4. The wiring between the main circuit breaker and each box branch circuit breaker generally goes to the left, and the outgoing line of the ready board generally goes to the right.


5. The wiring in the ready board shall be straight without wiring pattern. The cable shall be fastened with plastic ties, the size of which shall be appropriate and the spacing shall be uniform.


6. The bending of the cable shall be consistent without dead bending, so as not to damage the cable insulation layer and inner copper core.

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