The manufacturer will show you the installation and application of the distribution box in the distribution station

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Switching appliances, measuring instruments, protective electrical and auxiliary equipment are the main components of the distribution box. They are connected according to the electrical wiring requirements. The low-voltage distribution box is called when they are installed in a closed or semi closed metal box or screen. When the equipment is running, the circuit can be switched on and off by manual or automatic switch. If the equipment fails or cannot operate normally, the circuit can be cut off or an alarm can be given by protecting the electrical appliance. The measuring instrument can display the parameters in the circuit operation, adjust some parameters at the same time, and prompt or send signals that have deviated from the normal working state. It is commonly used in factories, buildings and substations.


1. The manufacturer of distribution box mainly classifies three installation methods: hanging type, wall embedded type and floor type. The requirements of distribution box shall be required during installation.


(1) Before the installation of iron distribution box, some anti-corrosion treatment needs to be done. First, apply a layer of paint at the bottom, and then apply two layers of gray paint.


(2) The iron distribution box needs grounding terminals, the distribution box door needs to be opened outward, and the box door should be locked. The outdoor distribution box needs to be sealed, and dust and rain proof measures should be taken.


(3) The distribution box is divided into indoor and outdoor. The indoor distribution box is suitable for offices and production places, and the outdoor distribution box is suitable for transformer stations, lighthouses, and other places.


(4) Both indoor and outdoor distribution boxes shall be made of iron. The iron distribution box shall be made of 2mm thick iron plate with double doors with a length of 600mm and above. The indoor distribution box is mainly divided into two installation modes: concealed and open.


2. Manufacture and relevant regulations of distribution box manufacturer


(1) Manufacturing and processing of distribution box: set the main disconnector, shunt leakage circuit breaker, working zero line terminal block, protective zero line terminal block and three-phase five wire wiring terminal.


(2) Manufacturing and processing of switch box: the switch box is equipped with main fuse, main disconnector, shunt fuse, shunt circuit breaker, three-phase four wire socket and single-phase three wire socket, and working zero wire terminal block and protective zero wire terminal block.


(3) Switches, energy meters, fuses and other equipment on the distribution board shall be installed vertically, the upper end and lower end shall be connected with load, and the phase sequence shall be consistent.


(4) Both indoor and outdoor distribution boxes shall be equipped with a main switch in front of the watt hour meter. Generally, there are no more than 4 circuits behind the meter. Each circuit shall be equipped with a sub switch. When there is only one circuit, there may be no switch behind the meter.


(5) The distribution box under the transformer shall be made into doors on both sides (the door opens outward). In order to facilitate maintenance, the distribution box shall be installed on the bracket, and the height from the bottom of the distribution box to the bottom shall not be less than 1.2m for connection. The incoming (outgoing) line of the distribution box shall pass through the pipe, and the protective pipe shall be arranged neatly and coated with black oil, and the cable direction shall be marked on the protective pipe.


(6) The electrical appliances of the distribution board shall be arranged neatly, and the Zui small clear distance of all accessories shall be greater than the specified value.


(7) The load current exceeds 15 A, it is usually necessary to install a current transformer. The accuracy level of the current transformer is more than 0.5, and the current transformer needs to be installed behind the distribution board.

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