The choice and purchase of distribution box, how to pay attention to the connotation also depends on the appearance

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The distribution box is a kind of equipment which is often used to control the power switch in our life. Because it is closely connected with electricity, its selection is very important. When people choose the distribution box, they mainly pay attention to its safety, but for the household distribution box, the household distribution box should not only be safe, but also beautiful. Whether the distribution box is safe mainly depends on its connotation, whether the box is coated, whether there are bad phenomena such as falling off, barge, missing plating and rust, and there shall be no sundries and dust in the box. The color of indicator lights and buttons used in the distribution box shall comply with national standards.


The distribution box is a complete set of devices for centralized installation of switches, instruments and other equipment. Therefore, it is very important to take fire prevention measures for distribution box.


Fire prevention measures for distribution box:


1. The distribution room shall be equipped with a certain number of fire-fighting equipment;


2. Each oil filled electrical equipment, such as circuit breaker and voltage transformer, shall be installed in the interval with partitions on both sides. When the total oil volume exceeds 600kg, it shall be installed in a separate explosion-proof room; If the total oil volume is more than 60kg, such as oil immersed voltage transformer, there shall be oil storage facilities or oil retaining facilities;


3. Connecting cables, buses, ventilation pipes, etc. shall pass through walls, floors and floors, leaving holes, which shall be blocked with refractory materials to prevent fire expansion after oil filled equipment catches fire;


  1. The high voltage distribution room shall be of class I and II fire resistance rating. The fire resistance rating of low-voltage distribution room shall not be lower than grade III. The windows of the distribution room shall be provided with waterproof, rain and snow proof and small animals. When the high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution devices are in the same room, the distance between them shall not be less than 1m.
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