Technical requirements for door lock device of switch cabinet of high voltage distribution box

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The high and low voltage distribution cabinet monitors the current of each output shunt in real time, and can set the warning value of abnormal output shunt current. For example, if the alarm value of 32A switch is set to 28a, the load will alarm when it exceeds 28a. Faults or hidden dangers of human operation can be found in advance to avoid switching off the power supply in case of overload, resulting in power failure of the whole cabinet equipment. In addition, the hot plug circuit breaker is selected for the output shunt, which has the ability to adjust the power supply phase and easily realize the flexible adjustment of 3-phase imbalance. It can also increase the output shunt online and replace the switch under the condition of continuous power supply.


Technical requirements for door lock device of high voltage switchgear


    1. The door lock device of high-voltage switch cabinet shall have five prevention functions.


    2 except that suggestive measures can be taken to prevent "false opening and closing of circuit breaker", other four prevention measures shall adopt mandatory locking.


    3. The locking device shall ensure the specified procedure operation and ensure the safety of personnel when operating the switchgear.


    4 the locking device shall adopt mechanical locking as far as possible, which shall be simple, reliable and convenient for operation and maintenance.


    5. Various elements used in the locking device shall meet the requirements of 3 ~ 35kV AC metal enclosed switchgear (GB 3906-83).


    6 the grounding pile head installed in the switch cabinet shall have obvious signs, and its grounding area shall meet the requirements of the switch cabinet.


    7 high voltage live display device.


    1) High voltage live display device shall meet the requirements of SD 334-89 technical conditions for high voltage live display device. The post insulator type sensor and display shall be subject to insulation withstand voltage test together with the high-voltage switchgear.


    2) The display device installed on the high-voltage switchgear shall normally emit light at 65% of the rated phase voltage; The forced locking adopted by it shall act reliably.


    8 the mechanical program lock adopted by the locking device shall meet the requirements of JB / dq2182-87 general technical conditions for mechanical locks for high voltage switchgear. During program operation, the program lock shall be opened flexibly and reliably, and the key shall be inserted and pulled out freely without jamming. The switch cabinet shall not be operated during non program operation.


    9 the electromagnetic lock adopted by the locking device shall meet the requirements of JB / DQ 2181-87 technical conditions for electromagnetic lock for high voltage switchgear.


    10. The locking device shall meet the requirements of the program operation of the switch cabinet, and the locking position of the device shall be consistent with the actual position of the locked operating mechanism of the switch cabinet; When the specified procedure is not fully operated, the operation cannot be continued; In case of non program operation, the operation shall be automatically unavailable.


When checking the switch of high and low voltage distribution cabinet, the drawer type distribution cabinet shall be flexible when pushed in or pulled out, and the mechanical locking shall be reliable. Check whether the automatic air power switch operating mechanism on the drawer distribution cabinet is in place and whether the wiring screws are fastened. Remove the dirt on and around the contact surface of the contactor, and check whether the contact of the contactor is intact. If the contact is poor, slightly file the contact surface if necessary. If the contact is seriously ablated (the contact point is worn to 1 / 3 of the original thickness), replace the contact. The power indicating instrument and indicator light are intact.

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