Ready Board manufacturers teach you how to buy Ready Boards

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No matter what kind of office equipment we need to pay attention to when we buy it in the building or in our life? Let's give you a brief introduction.


Weak current box: the weak current box is a wiring box specially used for the weak current system of the family. It is also called home intelligent Ready Board, multimedia hub box and residential information Ready Board. It can reasonably and effectively arrange the broadband, telephone line, audio line, coaxial cable, security network and other lines of the family, so as to realize people's understanding of the telephone, fax, computer, audio, television, DVD player The centralized management and resource sharing of security monitoring equipment and other network information appliances is a product to provide home wiring system solutions.


The Ready Board solves the problem of electricity safety, while the weak current junction box solves the problem of unobstructed information. The weak current box is convenient for the management and maintenance of weak current. Each line can be adjusted and managed as needed, and the use function can be expanded to make the distribution of weak current lines in the family reasonable and the information unobstructed. In case of failure, it is easy to check and maintain.


The active equipment in the Ready Board includes broadband router, telephone switch, cable TV signal amplifier, etc. the structure includes modularization (active equipment is the manufacturer's specific integrated module) and finished product (active equipment is the finished equipment of existing manufacturers). In contrast, the purchase of finished active equipment is mature in the market, with relatively stable and reliable quality, more technology and moderate price, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance in the future.


The passive equipment in the Ready Board can adopt the supporting modules (such as cable TV module, telephone distribution module, etc.) produced by the manufacturer of the weak current box, which can keep the box clean. The box of the weak current box should reserve enough space to facilitate the installation of active equipment and configure power sockets for future upgrading. In terms of wiring, in addition to the power line, cable TV cable, telephone line, sound line Besides the power line, these cables of video line and network line are called "weak current", which transmit all kinds of signals. If we want to build a multi-functional, modern and high intelligent home environment, we need this necessary wiring. The comprehensive wiring of weak current needs engineers to make comprehensive and reasonable planning, design and construction for the owner. Only in this way can the overall home decoration be beautiful, orderly, practical, convenient for current use and future expansion.


The above are some precautions about the purchase of Ready Board equipment sorted out by the Ready Board factory. There can be certain differences in the shape and function of Ready Board equipment. Pay attention to distinguish when selecting to avoid affecting the later use.

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