How to fix the Ready Board when installing the equipment?

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Generally speaking, the Ready Board and the concealed distribution pipe shall be fixed on the wall in two ways: the exposed and concealed Ready Board and the concealed distribution pipe.

If there is Ready Board when fixing, the box must be cleaned before use, and the wires inside must be sorted out and tied up according to the regulations. After finding the proper position, put each end of the conductor into the box and press it to the corresponding position one by one according to the regulations. Don't forget to escort the PE protective ground wire in a conspicuous position. Don't plug it in any corner, and then level the box and fix it.

After installation, the calibration of the data of each instrument can not be ignored. After ensuring that all instruments and meters work normally, all parts shall be numbered and clearly labeled. In some specific cases, the stainless steel Ready Board is also installed on the wall made of wood or light keel guard. At this time, it is necessary to take reinforcement measures after normal fixation.

The above is the fixing method of the Ready Board equipment sorted out by the Ready Board factory. When installing the Ready Board equipment, we must pay attention to the fixing work, fix it according to the installation requirements, and carefully check whether the equipment is stable.

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