Matters needing attention in the installation of distribution box!

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The distribution box is closely related to the use of stable power. Every minute is inseparable. The use of the distribution box is indispensable. When installing the distribution cabinet (box), there are many things to pay attention to


1. The distribution cabinet (box) shall be made of non combustible materials. The installation position of the distribution cabinet shall avoid direct sunlight, splash and moisture, and there shall be sufficient operation space in front.


2. Open type distribution boards can be installed in production places and offices with low risk of electric shock.


3. Closed cabinets should be installed in processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler rooms, woodworking rooms with high risk of electric shock or poor working environment.


4. Closed or explosion-proof electrical facilities shall be installed in hazardous workplaces with conductive dust or flammable and explosive gases.


5. The electrical components, instruments, switches and circuits of the distribution box shall be arranged in order, firmly installed and easy to operate; The cabinet (box) should be free of dust, water and debris.


6. The bottom of the floor mounted cabinet (box) should be 50 ~ 100 mm higher than the ground; The center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2-1.5m; There are no obstacles within the range of 0.8-1.2m in front of the cabinet (box).


7. The protection line is connected reliably.


8. There shall be no exposed bare charged body outside the cabinet (box); The electrical components installed on the outer surface of the cabinet (box) or on the distribution board shall have reliable protection.


9. The installation position shall be checked to see if it is firm and not inclined or swaying.


10. For areas with large amount of moisture, dehumidifiers and dryers should also be equipped.


  1. Regularly clean the equipment in the cabinet, check the wiring terminals, check whether the switches and contactors are in good condition, and whether there is overheating inside. Regularly check the sealing performance of the distribution cabinet to prevent small animals from entering or condensation inside.


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