Distribution box manufacturers should pay attention to the purchase of distribution box!

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Quality problems in selecting outdoor distribution box manufacturers


1. The gap around the Chongqing distribution box is too large, and the drum is heavy. At this time, we need to fill the empty tympanum with cement mortar to make it flat,


2. The double-layer board in the outdoor distribution box and the piping position of the incoming and outgoing lines are not handled properly, and the wiring is arranged orderly. When the outdoor distribution box is installed, it is set on the double-layer board considering the position of the pipe opening of the inlet and outlet pipe. noodles.


3. Shortage of outdoor distribution box, manufacturer of switch box in Anhui, such as hinge, lock, screw, etc. Components. The welding part of the inner wall of the iron box is rusty, and the antirust paint of the brush shall be supplemented. The iron box cannot be opened by arc welding. Operate with a punch.


We understand what kind of problems occur in the switch box. When the environment around the switch box is too high, please note that you order the manufacturer of the electrical box and have an impact on it. Therefore, the temperature around the distribution box should be as reasonable as possible, or there should be a special installation space. Please note that the quality of the distribution box itself is too low, and problems will occur after a period of use. At this point, lighting box manufacturers often see the quality of options that can be used. Next, please pay attention to the construction, pay attention to the setting, total, separate, open distribution box, and then set a reasonable safe location.


Problems that distribution box manufacturers should pay attention to when purchasing distribution box


The whole distribution box is close to the power supply. Yes, the power is on. In addition, in use, choose the electrical products in the distribution box. I must have chosen a suitable stainless steel electrical box manufacturer. There is no problem of later use. Select the time of component electrical slot. matters needing attention? When the shutter and automatic switch installed on the disk of the "input field" switch box in the list are in the short circuit state, the manufacturer's price of the switch box and the movable part of the blade shall not be charged. Of course, the harmful lighting indoor DC, AC or different voltage levels of power supply lighting. Tab page, select the background installation, vertically installed shutter or fuse and other electrical products of the upper power supply, apply load at the lower end. When installed directly in the horizontal direction, it becomes left. Your position: 98 knowledge & gt; Medical health & gt; How about the power supply and the right load? In the tab page, select the power supply of the power indicator light of the background power distribution box, which is located outside the main switch. In addition, install a fuse. The position of the pad corresponds to the branch.

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