Low voltage distribution cabinet maintenance electrician basic operation process!

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The low-voltage distribution cabinet will inevitably fail in the process of daily use, so timely maintenance is very important. The role and task of maintenance electrician the responsibility of maintenance electrician is to ensure the normal operation of various types of motors driving various production machinery in the factory, their electrical control systems and production and living lighting systems, which plays an important role in improving labor productivity and safe production.


I. main tasks of distribution cabinet maintenance electrician


1. Installation of lighting lines and lighting devices Installation of power lines and various motors; Installation of electrical control circuits of various production machinery.


2. Daily maintenance, inspection and repair of various electrical circuits, electrical equipment and motors, and recognize the icons of various distribution boxes.


3. According to the requirements of modern equipment management, the maintenance electrician should not only reduce the failure rate according to the principle of prevention first and repair as the axis, but also carry out corrective repair work and take necessary measures to improve the repeated failure parts of the equipment.


4. Installation, commissioning and maintenance of electronic equipment related to production process automation shall be carried out in strict accordance with weak current construction standards.


II. Maintenance electricians must receive safety education


only after mastering the basic safety knowledge of electricians and the safety operation procedures within the scope of work can they participate in the actual operation and maintenance of electricians. The specific safety operation procedures that electricians should master have different safety operation procedures due to different work contents, which will be introduced in various topics in the future.


1. Basic safety knowledge of maintenance electrician


(1) conditions for maintenance electrician


1) must be mentally normal and healthy. Those suffering from hypertension, heart disease, trachea and mouth rest, nervous system diseases, color blindness, hearing impairment and serious impairment of limb function cannot engage in electrician work


2) must be the one who should know and be able to pass the examination


3) must learn and master the emergency rescue of electric shock and artificial respiration


(2) electrician personal safety knowledge


1) during the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, various safety operation procedures and regulations must be strictly observed, and dereliction of duty is not allowed


2) during operation, strictly abide by the provisions of power failure operation, and earnestly take various safety measures to prevent sudden power transmission, such as locking the knife, hanging the warning board of "no switching on when someone is working", no power selection at the appointed time, and remember the wiring formula of the distribution box.


3) when operating near live parts, a reliable safety distance shall be ensured.


4) before operation, check whether the insulation performance of safety tools such as insulated handle, insulated shoes and insulated gloves of tools is good. If there are problems, replace them immediately and check them regularly


5) climbing tools must be safe and reliable. Climbing operation is not allowed without climbing training


6) in case of electric shock, take correct rescue measures immediately.


3、 Operation safety knowledge of low voltage distribution cabinet equipment


1) when the failed electrical equipment, devices and lines cannot be used, they must be repaired in time.


2) the operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures. When turning on the power supply, the disconnector shall be turned on first, and then the load switch shall be turned off. When switching off the power supply, the load switch shall be turned off first, and then the disconnector shall be turned off.


3) when it is necessary to cut off the power supply in the fault area, the scope of power failure shall be minimized. If there is a shunt switch, try to cut off the shunt switch in the fault area, and try to avoid cutting off the power supply beyond the level


4) generally, electrical equipment shall not be affected by moisture, and measures shall be taken to prevent the invasion of rain, snow and water. Electrical equipment will generate heat during operation. Good ventilation conditions shall be provided, and some fire prevention measures shall be taken. Equipment with exposed electrified body, especially high-voltage equipment, shall be provided with measures to prevent short-circuit accidents caused by small animals


5) the metal shell of all electrical equipment must have reliable protective grounding


6) all electrical equipment that may be struck by lightning shall be equipped with lightning protection devices


the above is a summary of the precautions for the maintenance of low-voltage distribution cabinet. The maintenance electrician must pay attention to the above details in daily maintenance. Confirm the normal operation of power equipment to avoid injury.

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