Analysis on precautions for operation of low voltage distribution cabinet!

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As a common power distribution facility in daily life, the improper use or maintenance of power distribution box and cabinet will lead to major safety accidents. Every time I see an accident caused by illegal operation or improper operation, as a professional manufacturer of high and low voltage distribution cabinet, I think I have the responsibility and obligation to sort out the precautions for the use of distribution cabinet and share them with you. We hope that through our efforts, we can reduce the occurrence of tragedy.


today I'd like to share with you the following four precautions in the use of distribution cabinet:


1. Setting posts and responsibilities. The equipment and power department of the distribution box shall number, register and file each low-voltage distribution box, manage at different levels, clarify responsibilities, and regularly carry out technical inspection and maintenance on the distribution box. If any problems are found, they shall be recorded and eliminated in time to nip the accident in the bud.


second, set standards and assessment. Conduct regular inspection according to the maintenance table of the distribution cabinet. If the components in the distribution box are found to have serious heating, find out the cause of heating, and tighten the wiring in time if it is found to be loose. In addition, if there is dust and sundries in the distribution box, it shall be cleaned in time to keep the distribution box clean and tidy.


third, set precautions. The maintenance or operation personnel of the distribution box shall not stack or hang work supplies or other articles within 1.2m in front of the distribution box door. In addition, there shall be no ponding around the distribution box, which is easy to cause electric shock accidents, and non professional electricians shall not disassemble the electrical components in the distribution box at will.


fourth, set operating procedures. The operation of the distribution box shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures. During the use of the distribution box, it shall be strictly pulled and closed with load, otherwise a large arc will be formed to burn the distribution components or burn the operators of the distribution box.

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