What is the installation specification of distribution cabinet?

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Code for installation of distribution cabinet


1: For the appearance of the cabinet, conduct a detailed inspection to see whether there is deformation and whether the paint is peeling. Ensure that the electrical equipment and components are complete without any damage and other defects. Check the number and installation position of the distribution box. Note that the grounding of the box door should use soft copper braided wire.


2: The distribution cabinet shall have basic operating conditions, the installation site has been painted, the embedded parts have been out, and the transportation road of the site has been unobstructed.


3: The installation position shall be determined according to the site design and the snap line installation position determined according to the size of the distribution box.


4: The foundation frame shall be prefabricated according to the construction drawings. The installation shall be leveled and aligned. The gasket shall be welded by electric welding. The foundation frame shall be about 10mm higher than the plastering plane for anti-corrosion.


5: According to the requirements of installation and construction, the distribution cabinets shall be smoothly installed on the foundation frame one by one. After the rows of counters are placed, the horizontal panel difference shall be fine adjusted to meet the installation requirements of national standards. And firmly welded.




a. If it is a high-voltage test, it can be installed only with the permission of the regional power supply bureau, and the standardized installation shall be carried out in accordance with the installation regulations and product technical requirements of the local power supply department.


b. High voltage cabinet frame, voltage transformer, lightning arrester, bus and other switches shall be tested.


c. Adjust time relay, overcurrent relay, signal relay and mechanical interlock.


d. Use 500V insulation resistance measuring instrument for insulation test of each circuit.


7: After the installation, it has passed the inspection of the quality inspection department, and a test report is required.


8: After the power supply department also completes the detection, it can transmit the power supply to the corresponding building. After correction, it can detect whether the three phases of the voltmeter are normal and whether the transformer has power, and check whether the voltage of the voltmeter is normal. After power on, the power will be transmitted in the above order.


9: After the final acceptance, if there is no abnormality after 24 hours of power transmission, the acceptance procedures can be handled, and the product certificate, instruction, test report and other materials can be submitted.

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