Installation process and commissioning mode of low voltage distribution cabinet of distribution cabinet manufacturer

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After the installation of low-voltage distribution cabinet is completed, it can be delivered only after commissioning by professional staff. What about the commissioning of relevant low-voltage distribution cabinet? The following is a brief introduction to the commissioning of relevant low-voltage distribution cabinets.


Installation process and commissioning method of low voltage distribution cabinet.


1. Mechanical equipment commissioning. Mechanical equipment commissioning mainly refers to the commissioning of manual prefabricated components and cabinets. In order to test whether each mechanism is flexible and practical, special attention should be paid to the detection of the cabinet, especially the positioning of the connection and disconnection positions, because this will immediately damage the normal operation of the low-voltage distribution cabinet.


2. Electrical equipment commissioning. Important aspects of electrical equipment commissioning include: actual operation experiment of electrical equipment; Chain function test; Cable sheath test.


(1) Actual operation test of electrical equipment: under the necessary conditions of correct installation and wiring, conduct simulated attitude test and plug-in test according to the circuit design diagram of electrical equipment. Important matters include: whether the closing and pulling of the knife switch are normal; Whether the actual operation of function keys and related display information lights are normal; Whether the manual switch is normal; This test needs to be carried out one by one. First debug solid wood cabinets, and then debug cabinets one by one. If it is a drawer cabinet, one cabinet shall be debugged.


(2) Interlock efficacy test: check the interlock between the actual operating mechanism and the door, and between the cabinet and the door. If Auto reclosure (plug-in), the door cannot be opened. Only after the suction, can the discharge port be opened. Interlocking of mechanical or electrical equipment between dual power switches. When all normal power transformers and power supply and distribution systems are normal, the knife switch of standby switching power supply cannot be automatically reclosed. When the main power transformer is disconnected, the standby switching power supplies automatically switch to each other.


(3) Grounding wire resistance detection: in order to ensure the safety factor of operators, cabinet doors and cabinet electronic equipment, grounding wire resistance detection is essential. The important and accurate measurement part is: when the power switch of the high voltage cabinet is in the off position, the TN-S of the same pole and working group is in the middle of the outgoing line; When the power switch is closed, the right middle of the inductive charged preform with different polarity; Between the main circuit and the control circuit; Each inductive charged electronic device is located between the metal composite frame of the cabinet door. The detection time shall be one minute, and the detection resistance shall be 0.4 as far as possible ω。 It is convenient for the low-voltage distribution cabinet to ensure the operation condition, life safety and safety factor of mechanical equipment. Only after all the above projects are debugged can the fund distribution of the low-voltage distribution cabinet be used normally. Therefore, debugging is very important and indispensable.

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