Distribution cabinet manufacturer: how to distinguish the structure of high and low voltage switchgear?

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(1) Fixation: it can meet the fixed position of all electrical components in high and low voltage switchgear. The cabinet body is generally cubic, such as screen type, box type, desktop type and other prisms. The cabinets are lined up. In order to ensure the size and shape of high and low voltage switchgear, we often use the gradual combination of components. Generally, two pieces or left and right sides are formed first, and then the cabinet body is formed, or the cabinet body meets the shape requirements first, and then the supports in the cabinet body are connected in turn. The length of the parts forming the edge of the cabinet must be correct (negative tolerance) to ensure the geometric dimension and overall shape requirements in all aspects. For both sides of the cabinet, the necessity of arrangement should be considered, and there should be no rise in the middle. In addition, from the perspective of installation, there should be no settlement at the bottom. In the layout and installation, flat foundation is the prerequisite, but there are some errors in drying and cabinet itself. In the layout, the horizontal difference shall be offset as much as possible rather than the cumulative difference, because the cumulative difference will cause cabinet deformation, affect bus connection and assembly installation, stress concentration, and even affect the service life. Electrical equipment. life. Therefore, in the layout, it is appropriate to take the base point as the installation reference point, and then gradually expand the cushion. Under ideal and predictable bottom drying conditions, expansion from the middle to both sides can also be used to evenly distribute the accumulated differences. In order to facilitate adjustment and offset the accumulation of tolerances, the width tolerance of the cabinet body is negative. After the combination of all parts of the cabinet, it shall be shaped as required to meet the shape, position and size requirements of all parts. When manufacturing fixed or large quantities of high and low voltage switchgear, the fixture shall be fully considered to ensure the correct and unified structure, the bottom surface of the fixture shall be appropriate, and the fixture positioning block shall be easy to work and go out. For the outer door of the cabinet, it is generally easy to be affected by transportation, installation, etc. Unified adjustment.


(2) Draw out type: the draw out type is composed of fixed high and low voltage switchgear and mobile devices equipped with switchgear and other main electrical components. The moving parts shall be easy to move, and the positioning after moving shall be. Drawers of the same type and specification are interchangeable. Withdrawable high and low voltage switchgear can be processed. The method is basically similar to the fixed cabinet method. However, due to the requirements of interchangeability, the accuracy of the cabinet must be improved, and the relevant parts of the structure shall be adequately adjusted. The movable parts shall be replaceable and the main parts shall be loaded. Therefore, they shall have high mechanical strength and accuracy, and the relevant parts shall have sufficient adjustment

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