What is the difference between the manufacturer's explanation of distribution box, distribution box, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet and control box?

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1. Generally speaking, the box for distributing electric energy is called distribution box. It is mainly used for the control and distribution of electrical equipment, and plays a role in protecting the overload, short circuit and leakage of lines. Distribution boxes are installed in various places, such as schools, organs, hospitals, factories, workshops, families, etc., such as lighting distribution boxes, power distribution boxes, etc.


2. The distribution cabinet is a low-voltage power distribution device composed of switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in a closed or semi closed metal cabinet or screen according to the electrical wiring requirements. During normal operation, the circuit can be connected or disconnected with the help of manual or automatic switch. There are many categories of distribution cabinets. In case of fault or abnormal operation, cut off the circuit or alarm with the help of protective appliances. The measuring instrument can display various parameters in operation, adjust some electrical parameters, and prompt or send signals for deviation from the normal working state. It is commonly used in various power generation, distribution and substation.


3. Switchgear is a complete set of switchgear and control equipment. It is used as power center and main power distribution device. It is mainly used for control, monitoring, measurement and protection of power lines and main electrical equipment. It is often set in substation, distribution room, etc.


In addition to different functions, installation environment, internal structure and controlled objects, the remarkable characteristics of distribution box and switch cabinet are different overall dimensions and small volume. The distribution box can be concealed in the wall and stand on the ground; The switch cabinet has a large volume and is only installed in the substation and distribution room.


  1. The control box is used inside and outside various buildings as power, lighting power distribution and motor control. It is suitable for indoor wall hanging and outdoor floor mounted power distribution equipment. It is mainly used for fire pump control, submersible pump control, fire fan control, fan control, lighting distribution control, etc. the control modes include direct start control, star delta step-down start control, self coupling step-down start control, frequency converter start control, soft start control and other control modes. It can also use isolation switch and fuse switch as isolation breakpoint.
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