How to select the Voltage regulator according to the working principle of the voltage regulator

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    According to the working principle of the voltage regulator, the selection method of the regulator is summarized.

    1. High-power compensated regulator, non-contact regulator, purified regulator and other capacity safety factors AC regulated power supply is nominal rated capacity with output power (kVA). Normally, load is not pure resistance, that is, power factor COS_1. Active power kW = capacity (KVA)*COS that the regulator can actually output It is. Therefore, in the actual selection, the regulated power supply should be reasonably selected according to the rated power, power factor and load type of the electrical equipment. The output power of the regulated power supply should be left with appropriate margin, especially when the impact load is selected, the margin should be larger. The specific selection safety factor can be seen in the following table. Voltage stabilized power supply capacity pure resistance load such as incandescent lamp, resistance wire, electric furnace and other equipment should be 0.2-0.3 times of the allowance. Inductive and capacitive load such as fluorescent lamps, fans, motors, pumps, air conditioners, computers, refrigerators and other 2-3 times of the allowance. Negative inductance and capacitive load (such as motor, computer) should be considered in the selection of the type under the environment of large inductance and capacitive load (such as motor, computer). The starting current of the load is especially large (up to 5-8 times the rated current), so when choosing the voltage regulator capacity, it should be 2-3 times the load power. Such as: 1.1 kW 1,7.5 kW 1,3-phase motor, 7.5 kW 1,1.1 kW + 7.5 kW) *2 = 17.2 kA when choosing voltage regulator, that is to say, at least three-phase SJW-20 kA product voltage regulator should be selected.

    2. The output capacity curve of low-power regulated power supply (SVC, TND, TNS, relay regulator) auto-coupling regulator (single-phase 0.5KA~3KA.10k horizontal and below, three-phase 9KA and below) starts to decrease when the input phase voltage is lower than 198V; when the input phase voltage is equal to 160V, the output capacity falls to 50% of the rated capacity of the regulator. Therefore, at the low end of the power supply voltage, special attention should be paid to the use of load reduction, so as to avoid burning down the voltage regulator overload; the auto-coupling voltage regulator can output 220V and 110V voltage at the same time. But even if all the output is 110V, the load of the regulator can not exceed 50% of the rated capacity, otherwise it will be overloaded.

    3. Parametric regulator is based on magnetic saturation regulator, which has strict requirements on the nature of load equipment. If a kind of load is mixed, the capacity must be enlarged. Resistive loads such as electric heating wire, rice cooker and other loads need only 0.2 times. Capacitive and inductive loads such as motor, large capacitance and variable. Voltage regulators, pumps and other loads at least 3-5 times the balance depends on the actual situation of the site to determine, mixed loads such as motor and heating wire loads to choose the regulator must be 3-7 times the margin, mixed load is best not to choose the regulator.

    Xiaobian Warm Tip: When choosing a regulator, we must look at the qualifications and age of the regulator manufacturer. If we choose a regulator and its irresponsible regulator, we will cry after some problems occur in the use process, so we must choose a regulator like Beijing Hongtong, a big manufacturer.

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