How to prevent the internal circuits of the split meter ready board from aging?

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In order to prevent the circuit inside the split meter ready board from aging, the following preventive measures need to be taken:

Regular inspection and maintenance: Conduct a comprehensive inspection at least once a year, especially before and after extreme weather such as high temperature and humidity. Check whether the wiring is worn, aged or loose, and replace aging wires promptly.

Use high-quality materials: Use wires and accessories that meet national standards to ensure they have good heat resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance.

Moisture-proof treatment: Keep the split meter ready board dry to avoid corrosion of wires caused by humid environment. Desiccant can be placed in the split meter ready board, or a split meter ready board with good sealing performance can be used.

Temperature control: Prevent overheating inside the split meter ready board. Make sure the split meter ready board is well ventilated and protected from direct sunlight. High temperature will accelerate the aging of wires, so a heat sink can be installed if necessary.

Standardized wiring: Avoid entanglement, excessive bending or crossing of wires to reduce stress damage to wires. Ensure neat wiring to effectively reduce the accelerated aging of wires due to friction.

Through these measures, the service life of the circuits inside the split meter ready board can be effectively extended and the safety of electricity consumption can be ensured.

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