What are the requirements for waterproof design of small power distribution units?

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The waterproof design of the small power distribution unit needs to meet the following requirements:

Protection level: The small power distribution unit should have a protection level that meets the usage environment. Common ones include IP54, IP65, etc. IP54 means dustproof and can prevent the entry of splashing water, and IP65 means completely dustproof and can prevent the entry of low-pressure water jets.

Sealing design: Waterproof sealing strips should be used at the joints of the box to ensure that no water penetrates when the box is closed. The sealing strip should have good weather resistance and aging resistance.

Drainage design: Drainage holes or drainage grooves should be designed at the bottom of the small power distribution unit to prevent internal components from getting damp due to accumulation of water. Drainage holes should have insect-proof nets or other protective measures to prevent foreign matter from entering.

Material selection: The material of the small power distribution unit should have waterproof and anti-corrosion properties. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, plastic and other materials. These materials can effectively prevent rain and humid air from corroding the box.

Ventilation design: The small power distribution unit needs to have good ventilation design to prevent internal overheating, but the vents should have a waterproof structure, such as a rain cover, to prevent direct entry of rainwater.

Installation location: The small power distribution unit should be installed in a relatively dry location, and try to avoid low-lying places where water easily accumulates. At the same time, the installation height should be a certain distance above the ground to prevent ground water from infiltrating.

By meeting these waterproof design requirements, the waterproof performance of the small power distribution unit can be effectively improved to ensure its safe and stable operation in various environments.

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