What precautions should be taken when arranging wires in a waterproof small power distribution unit?

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When arranging wires in a waterproof small power distribution unit, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Choose appropriate wires: Use waterproof wires that comply with national standards to ensure that the insulation and waterproof properties of the wires meet the requirements.

Sealing: Ensure that all incoming and outgoing wire holes of the small power distribution unit are sealed, and use waterproof connectors or waterproof rubber rings to prevent moisture from entering the inside of the small power distribution unit.

Line planning: Reasonably plan the direction of wires to avoid crossing and excessive bending of wires, reduce the risk of wire damage, and keep the box clean.

Fixing and support: Use cable clamps or ties to fix the wires in the small power distribution unit to avoid loosening or dangling wires and ensure the stability of the wiring.

Wiring specifications: When wiring, you should strictly follow the wiring diagram and wiring specifications to ensure that each terminal is firmly connected and there is no virtual connection or looseness.

Waterproof test: After the wiring is completed, conduct a waterproof performance test to check whether there is any water leakage problem in the small power distribution unit to ensure its waterproof effect.

Through the above precautions, the safety and reliability of waterproof small power distribution unit wiring can be effectively ensured.

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