How should split meter ready board box be configured in rural?

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The split meter ready board box refers to the distribution box where the external line enters the split meter ready board box. The size of split meter ready board box can be arranged according to the actual situation. There are leakage protectors and small circuit breakers in the distribution box, and the leakage protectors of individual circuits can also be replaced. First is the total insurance leakage, then the empty or sub insurance leakage.

Generally speaking, electric lamps are empty or leaking, sockets are empty or leaking, and air conditioners are empty or leaking. If you want to save time, you can directly ensure that one is always leaking, one is empty, or you do not need to be empty. However, the quality of leakage guarantee must be good, and the safe number of current must exceed the safe number of current when opening the most household appliances. So, how should the furniture distribution box be configured?

Double pole miniature circuit breaker 63A. While ensuring the safe use of electricity by users, meet the needs of users' families.

It can also provide more timely excessive power consumption protection and electrical fire analysis, early warning and alarm, and realize voltage, current, leakage current, temperature, power, power consumption and various power consumption fault alarm. Complete the automatic inspection of the leakage protection function to make the product safer, more intelligent and energy saving in use

Anti surge protector:

Anti surge protector 40A.

Surge protective device (SPD), also known as lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides security protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When the circuit or communication line suddenly generates peak current or voltage due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct current in a very short time, mainly to ensure that the current is not affected and damaged.

If the intelligent miniature circuit breaker you bought has this function, it can also not be configured. If this function is not available, configure 40A.

Socket miniature circuit breaker:

The living room and room sockets are divided into two circuits. The living room can be configured with 20A space and the room can be configured with 16A space.

Light miniature circuit breaker:

The miniature circuit breaker of lighting fixtures depends on the total power of your lighting fixtures. Generally, 10A is enough.

Catchment arrangement:

Busbars are used in the distribution box. The voltage and current that the busbar bears are larger and safer than those connected by wires.

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