Fire extinguishing method of split meter ready board box

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According to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Work Regulations, when the live equipment is on fire, the dry powder extinguisher shall be used to extinguish the fire. Dry powder extinguisher is a common extinguisher among dry powder extinguishers. It has a wide fire extinguishing range, good fire extinguishing effect on gas, liquid and charged equipment, and is cheap, so it is widely used. However, powder fire extinguishers also have disadvantages. If the fire is not cleaned up as soon as possible after extinguishing, the insulation of electrical equipment will be seriously affected.

1. Cut off the power supply of the split meter ready board box and extinguish the fire.

When electrical equipment catches fire, it is very dangerous because it burns with electricity. The on-site rescue personnel shall first try every means to cut off the power supply of the split meter ready board box immediately, and then extinguish the fire.

Appropriate and avoidable measures for power failure and fire extinguishing.

(1) The position for cutting off the power supply shall be appropriate to prevent the impact on rescue work after cutting off the power supply.

(2) When close to the distribution room or split meter ready board box, the oil circuit breaker, air switch or other load switches that can be switched with load can be disconnected, but the disconnector cannot be pulled with load to avoid danger caused by arc short circuit.

(3) The power line shall be cut off near the support in the direction of power supply. Different parts shall be cut off separately to prevent short circuit of line or ground caused by the falling of the wire after cutting, which may endanger personal safety.

(4) In the fire scene, the insulation performance of the switchgear will be reduced due to moisture or smoke. Therefore, when cutting off the power supply, use insulated operating rod or rubber insulated gloves for operation.

(5) When the burning situation poses a serious threat to the nearby operating equipment, the corresponding circuit breakers and disconnectors shall be quickly opened.

2. Use electricity to extinguish the fire.

In case of fire in electrical equipment, it is generally necessary to cut off the power supply before putting out the fire to reduce the risk of electric shock. However, if the fire is rapid, it is too late to cut off the power, or for some reason, the power cannot be cut off. In order to fight for fire fighting opportunities and prevent the expansion of the disaster, on-site fire fighting can be carried out.

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