Do you understand the waterproof problem of floor mounted distribution box?

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The nozzle of the wire and pipeline laid in the floor type distribution box is too low, which is easy to cause ponding and sundries to enter the pipe and reduce the insulation strength of the conductor.

For the wire protection pipe in the floor type distribution box, the pipe orifice should be 50 ~ 80mm higher than the foundation surface of the distribution box. The pipelines shall be arranged in order, and the pipe orifice shall be in horn shape.

The distribution box can be installed on the ground, but in fact, when the distribution box is installed on the ground, a hollow platform higher than the ground must be prefabricated before installation to facilitate the laying of cables. The height of the platform depends on the number of incoming and outgoing cables. The platform is too low, the bending radius of the cable is small, the cable is easy to heat, and it is difficult for construction and future maintenance (especially for cables with relatively large diameter); The platform is too high: a waste of space and construction resources. The height of the platform should be appropriate.

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