The manufacturer of ready board shall do a good job in dust prevention

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The manufacturer of ready board is to prevent some exposed components in the cabinet from being covered by dust. If they are covered by dust and then absorb moisture in the air, some exposed components will be corroded, which may lead to insulation reduction, short circuit, grounding and other faults for a long time, and even the risk of electric shock.


Too much dust cover will lead to too high electrostatic current when the air is wet, which will also lead to the risk of electric shock during operation. Moreover, too much dust cover will corrode the components of the box and greatly shorten the service life of the components. If the distribution cabinet is used for a long time, some dust will inevitably go in. What should we do if we find that the dust on the components increases? What is the correct way to remove dust?


ready board manufacturers generally use electrostatic dust collection. Electrostatic precipitator is a dust collection method that uses electrostatic field to ionize gas, so that dust particles are charged and adsorbed to electricity Ji. In a strong electric field, air molecules are ionized into positive ions and electrons, and the electrons encounter dust particles in the process of running towards positive Ji, so that the dust particles are negatively charged and adsorbed to positive Ji and collected.


Of course, in recent years, negative Ji plate dust collection has also been adopted through technological innovation. It is usually used in factories and power stations that use coal as fuel to collect coal ash and dust in flue gas. Note: when the power distribution cabinet is electrified, the dust removal operation needs to be carried out by a professional electrician. In order to ensure the use safety of the distribution cabinet and prolong the service life of components, the distribution cabinet shall meet the basic dust-proof standard in the production process.


Check the environment of the manufacturer of the ready board and whether the operating environment of the distribution cabinet is decorated according to the requirements. Whether it can meet the basic requirements of spacious, clean, ventilated, moisture-proof, insect and ant prevention. According to the drawings and the installation requirements of distribution cabinet, the foundation section steel frame shall be prefabricated, and anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and deformation measures shall be taken. It shall be reliably connected with the grounding bar of the cabinet, and anti-corrosion treatment shall be done.

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