Explain the installation principle of residential ready board

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The manufacturer of ready board has some safety principles for the installation of leakage protector and shunt automatic switch of residential ready board.


The main structure of residential ready board is divided into box shell, panel, installation support, neutral bus bar, grounding bus bar and other components. There are opening holes for operating the main switch and shunt switch on the panel. If it is not necessary to install all shunt switches, the opening holes can be partially closed with a sealing plate.


The electrical rating and action setting value of residential ready board shall be consistent with the rating and action setting value of shunt switch. The main automatic switch, leakage protector and shunt automatic switch shall be installed. The indoor general distribution panel and ready board shall be set in the power distribution system at the construction site for hierarchical power supply, and the capacity of power distribution devices at all levels shall match the actual load. Power and lighting shall be set separately.

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