XL power distribution cabinet "safety in your own hands"

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1. XL power distribution cabinet is 8 sets of production and normal operation equipment in ship power distribution center. Any irrelevant personnel shall not lightly press the switch on the board.


2. After the generator set is started, the speed switch of power supply panel accelerates slowly manually until the generator enters the normal working state and the voltage and frequency reach the specified value.


3. After the power distribution board enters the power distribution state, it is not allowed to pull off the fast rising switch of the power supply panel at will. Except in case of emergency, it is not allowed to use the locking switch of the air circuit breaker.


4. Parallel operation of generators should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements and regulations of parallel operation conditions, and attention should be paid to the phenomenon of reverse power (reverse current) and parallel operation fault.


5. The load of the generator is cut off first and then stopped at no load, and the machine does not stop at no load directly.


6. When inserting the shore power supply, first cut off the power switch of the shore power supply panel, and then check whether the wiring and phase sequence are correct. The conversion of shore power can only be carried out after confirmation.


7. The distribution cabinet should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep the equipment in good working condition.


8. During the operation of the generator distribution board, the generator set personnel and engineering and technical personnel should concentrate on preventing accidents. Otherwise, they will take personal responsibility for the accident.


9. The charging and discharging board is the ship's emergency distribution board. The engineer on duty shall regularly check the working state of the regulator, ensure the low-voltage power supply at any time, and master the working state of the magnetic saturation regulator through the on-board instrument.


  1. During normal navigation, all switches on the distribution board shall be turned on to ensure that the generator can be started at any time and put into use at any time.
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