Low voltage non-standard cabinet "buy it if you like, don't be polite to me"

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There are many kinds of low-voltage non-standard distribution cabinets, which are more flexible to use. The manufacturing level of low-voltage non-standard distribution boards in China still lags behind that of foreign countries, including domestic GCS, GCD, MNS low-voltage drawer type switchgear, international well-known electrical equipment manufacturers prismap, sivcon, mns3, okken low-voltage distribution boards, etc.


Compared with the distribution boards made in foreign countries, the domestic low-voltage distribution boards are inconsistent in the specific model and internal structure of the same type of equipment. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the domestic distribution board is more suitable for the power distribution requirements of China's power grid, has stronger compatibility with domestic electrical equipment, and has flexible assembly.


In addition, there are many types of low-voltage distribution boards, and their practical functions may be different. Taking the types of fixed partition boards and drawer boards as examples, the former is superior to drawer boards in terms of operation reliability, secondary control stability, bus flow capacity, failure rate and equipment cost, but the latter is easy to replace and maintain.

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