Wiring method of moulded case circuit breaker you must know

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    With the gradual development of MCCB in different fields in China, it has gained a good reputation, especially for some industrial industries. For customers who buy MCCB, it is necessary to know some knowledge about this product. In this way, if you encounter problems during use or installation, you can solve them by yourself. The wiring mode of MCCB is large Some customers have to understand because many customers are most often installed with wiring problems.

    The wiring mode of molded case circuit breaker is not fixed, but changes according to the type of products you buy. However, there are four common wiring modes in the market, namely, front board, back board, plug-in type, drawer type, and other wiring modes are customized or due to the special product type. The above four wiring modes can make the equipment wiring or disassembly much more convenient We still need to prepare the corresponding work, but these tool manufacturers will provide it.

    Secondly, the reason for many customers' wiring errors in the wiring diagram is from the wiring diagram. Because most of the customers did not carefully read the wiring diagram before wiring, it is easy to make mistakes when they went to see the wiring, which eventually leads to equipment installation failure. Therefore, it is better to carefully check the wiring diagram provided by the molded case circuit breaker manufacturer so that you can successfully wire.

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