Why use leakage protector?

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Leakage protector, also known as leakage protection switch, is a new type of electrical safety device. Its main purpose is as follows:

1. Prevent electric shock accidents caused by electric equipment and electric circuit leakage.

2. To prevent single-phase electric shock accidents in the process of electricity use.

3. Cut off the single-phase ground fault in the operation of electrical equipment in time to prevent the electrical fire accident caused by leakage.

4. In the process of using electricity, personal electric shock and fire accidents caused by the defects of electrical equipment, improper use and unfavourable safety technical measures have brought undue losses to people's lives and properties. The emergence of leakage protector provides reliable and effective technical hands for preventing various accidents, cutting off the power supply in time, protecting equipment and personal safety Paragraph.

Working principle of leakage protector

The full name of leakage protector is residual current action protector, which is mainly composed of three parts: detection element, intermediate amplification link and operation actuator.

When electric equipment leaks electricity, it will present abnormal current and voltage signals. By detecting the abnormal current or voltage signal, the leakage protection device, through signal processing, urges the actuator to act, quickly cuts off the power supply with the help of the switchgear, and implements the leakage protection.

Leakage protection switch refers to the switch element that can not only connect or disconnect the main circuit, but also detect and judge the leakage current. When leakage or insulation damage occurs in the main circuit, the leakage protection switch can connect or disconnect the main circuit according to the judgment result. It can be combined with fuse and thermal relay to form a low-voltage switch element with perfect function.

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